Blog Posts

I started a management training course recently and there are a number of papers that are due throughout the course. This process has been helping me to improve my writing skills and more importantly to feel more comfortable creating and publishing smaller bits of useful information. Below are a sample of some of those recent assignments and other inspirations that have been unleashed.

Rebuilding my website in Gatsby

I originally bought a template to jump start my website. This post explores the redevelopment of my personal website using hand rolled gatsby

Office Politics is not a level playing field

Like it or not office politics is an essential part of organizational life and is a key avenue to success. Unfortunately the playing field is not level for all people.

Getting to Yes: Tips for Negotiation

Have ever heard the term BATNA but did'nt know what it meant. Me too but this post defines BATNA along with other effective negotiation techniques.

Build it fast or Build it to last

When building software we often have to chose between building it fast or building it to last. Both have their place. In this blog post we explore when to chose to build fast and when to chose to build it to last.